I hope my love will move, heal and inspire many in a world

that needs positivity and a light tune to resonate with.


MoJoh is a 37-year old singer & songwriter from Planet Earth

and co-founder of the campaign WakeTheFuckUp.info.
He has been  travelling the world for the past 17 years
spreading the message of love & light by playing concerts,

organizing beach-clean ups with local communities, visiting kids at local schools

and building a network of like-minded people that will hopefully continue to grow.

'While the work I do for my campaign keeps me grounded, 

my first love is and has always been music. 

I started my music career in a band called THE MAINSTREAM -

an internet collective formed through myspace.com

- with multiple artists from all over the world. 

I was one of the producers and also lead-singer of the band.

Within 8 years (2004-2012) we released three albums

through our own label thestream-records 

and played over 400 shows on three different continents.

The band eventually split up beginning of 2013  due to the amount of stress

we simply weren't prepared for at such a young age which eventually made it impossible for us to continue. We remained friends.


Just months after the breakup of that band I was invited by Manifest ONE to visit California- my second home. 

Manifest ONE is an MC we had previously collaborated with during 


After playing a succesful show together at THE CREST in SACRAMENTO

we eventually decided to start the conscious HipHop project Quest ONE

- a group with four members that quickly caught the attention of the music industry.

Within four years we self-produced one EP (Stars) and with help of 

Jack Johnson's producer Robert Carranza an one album (Synergy).

Besides playing tours through Germany

we were fortunate to play many shows in the US in prestigious locations

such as Troubadour/West Hollywood + shows in Las Vegas and all over California.

I decided to leave the band in 2017 to focus on my solo-career.


Time to slow it down.


After a while I started my solo-career & over the course of the past 3 years

I’ve released two self-funded, self produced albums in german -

these albums where mainly sold while busking on the street.

I purposely decided to play music without any of that pressure of mass marketing

or having to play what the mainstream wanted and instead,

I played  shows that I was passionate to play.


But everything comes to an end and for quite some time now I have been feeling

the desire to sing and text in english again -also to get back to touring internationally.  

I love travelling to to other countries.   

Besides, all my new songs are in english - something I can’t really explain -

it’s the way things are. English is the universal way to spread love, right?



And so I decided to start working new songs - as soon as the decision was made,

songs started to pour out of me.

In fact, they were so many - instead of one album I decided to work on three albums-

an album-trilogy:


The first album called 'GOING HOME' is already finished and released

(available exclusively through this website).

The follow-up will be called 'COMING HOME'.
My plan for the third and final album 'HOME' is to record it in various locations

all over this wonderful planet with background noises such as the ocean, the wind, birds and trees.


‘In times like these where the attention span of the people is rather limited

and everybody from the industry tells me to focus on singles only

and not waste my time producing an album,

this might seem like a crazy idea
but I still love the old-fashioned concept of an album -
that’s what I grew up with and I still remember the days when I spent all my money in a local record store 
and actually took the time to listen to a record until I started liking it!


The first record 'Going home' is already available through this website. After you're finished reading this text you should check it out!
The majority of the album is ‘homemade” and recorded -

I didn’t go into any big studio for that but instead used whatever was available to record music -
and sometimes that meant to record in the basement

of my drummer's house or at a friend’s place.
Most of the time I recorded at my own apartment which is where I live

and also work as a producer for other artists.'


Due to the current state of the world,

I have also started a project called 

 ‘EARTH SONGS’ by MoJoh & friends -

an infinite album again collaborating with different artist from all over the world
on songs that are all related to our connection with each other and Earth.

The plan is to release on song & video per month until the end of time.

You can find these songs and videos on this website -

later one they will be available on a major online platforms.

Conscious music is where my talent and passion unite.



With planning shows and booking tours across the globe,

I will always continue to play my music on the street wherever I go.

To connect one-on-one with the people.To keep it real.

I always wanted to do something powerfully good through music

and that’s still the main objective. 

My songs carry a message of love, light & strength -

 I am trying to raise awareness, not for what’s bad out there-

 I think at this point we all know. Media is full of it - wherever we look!

 To me it’s more important to focus on all the good things we are capable of as a human race. 

In other words: let’s love ourselves & each other and the planet we live on.  

After a long journey I’ve finally come to realize this is all that matters.