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Hey Everybody! This is my attempt to be very honest with you all! I feel like I have let some people down when I left germany so suddenly in mid-march including the people that have supported the crowdfunding of my new german album LICHT which I left being 98% finished simply because I couldn’t judge upon the final details of the mix - I assure you I will finish it first thing when I come back to germany. Also the album Universal Language by Mosaique - Das Haus der Kulturen- it is now finished and as soon as I am back we will plan the release of the music + bring it on stage with amazing live-musicians. Both of these albums will make a difference in this world - That’s why I wanted to make sure they live up to their highest potential.

I simply wasn’t able to guarantee that was the case before I went on this journey

being completely worn out. But let me fill you in on that: As of now I am in UBUD/ BALI - touring south east asia and it sure looks like I am living the dream which is true but it includes a back story that is a little different and I feel like it’s time to share it with you all to inspire and also because I am tired of this fake social media world where everybody seems to have the time of their life all day every day while reality holds a different story. I have been a musican and father of two children for almost 17 years now and while I was able to experience many amazing things it also came with a price. I have gradually worn myself out over the course of my adult life. After touring the world as a self-employed and mostly self-financed musician

I first crashed about two years ago at the age of 34 after organizing an entire Germany-tour for my old band Quest One -that’s when I decided to come to Thailand afterwards to heal by participating in a yoga-teacher training which turned out to be the right thing.

Within five weeks of me being in Thailand I was able to reduce the stress-level in my system that came from basically being in charge of everything from writing, performing and producing my music to booking, promoting and doing all the work a whole team / label would normally do. Unfortunately after Thailand I went straight back to California to perform with my band Quest ONE because we had the opportunity to play Troubadour in West Hollywood which is something every musician can only dream of and to cut a long story short:

I went straight back to my old life - the same routine, addiction to personal drama,

unhealthy diet and just way to much stress on a daily basis.

And it went on for almost another two years until finally towards the end of 2018 I crashed and this time it was pretty serious. It started with getting a skin disease called scabies which besides being a pain in the ass physically also comes with mental challenges. It was almost like a dark cloud that just wouldn’t pass. I remember lying in my bed every night week after week feeling so lonely and it got to the point where I started feeling suicidal. Also because I simply felt like I had piled up to many things I couldn’t wrap my head around anymore. I tried every remedy there is - listened to a lot of advices - still - the scabies remained. Almost like a final warning. Then my heart started aching on top to the point where I became obsessed with the idea I was dying and I only had days left on this planet. Besides battling the scabies my body didn’t have energy anymore - I would barely get my body out of bed in the morning and when I did I felt like I wanted to lay down again immediately and sleep for the rest of my life. My body felt like it was ten times heavier than normal and even though I pushed myself to go to the gym or teach yoga almost every day to get that quick rush of endorphines I was only pushing myself closer to the edge which I then reached sometime around february. But then something amazing happened: I saw a post of an artist from Ireland by the name of Maria Johnston on instagramm about a painting she made called A GLIMMER OF HOPE - She basically painted an underwater scenario with lots of plastic rubbish floating around in beautiful blue water and in the middle of it you can see a little light which in my humble opinion can be interpretated as the glimmer of hope the painting was named after. underneath the post she used the hashtag #wakethefuckup and suddenly I knew. This is my calling. I had been waiting for this and training for this all these years - ever since I was a little child I felt that I was here to be a voice for mother earth.

And now was the time to speak out. I have simply grown tired of always having to worry about of personal growth -of béing so overly obsessed with endless cycles and opportunities to grow and become more enlightened - all tricks of the ego to feed our shadows -

instead I wanted use my life and energy to be in service. to be in service of connection amongst people. in service of love. in service of earth. The energy started coming back. I reached out to maria - the artist and creator of the painting and we both felt the urge and desire to turn this into something bigger.

And so we started.

And within 2-3 weeks we created a plattform and website dedicated to the cause. It is called WAKETHEFUCKUP.INFO and you are currently on it! It is an independet campaign to help restore faith in humanity trough connection amongst each other as well as with the planet we live on - our HOME.

For the past five weeks I been playing musicshow in Thailand all dedicated to this project - written new songs,organized beach clean ups - fimed musicvideos, met amazing artist I started collaborating with, had beautiful conversations with amazingly inspiring people that helped me shape the vision - interviewed some of them so that the world can hear and understand that there are amazing people out there doing so much good and by that raising the frequency of this realm of existence.

One last thing: I couldn’t have done this without the help and support of Maria Johnston - the artist who initially sparked the idea to get started and then went on and helped me shape the website with her amazing eye and knowledge. Maria - you are an angel. I love you.

I also wanna give a shout out to my dear friends Benjamin Wendt/ Christian Wendt as well as Joe Löhrmann who helped to get me started by lending me money to buy the plane ticket and get the ball rolling. You guys rock and I love you to death.

I was flat broke when I started this journey - I left germany with only 300€ in my pocket not knowing what will happen when I run out of that money but somehow Mother Earth has had my back by providing me with generous donations by people that came to my shows and the opportunity to teach yoga in Thailand on a daily basis in Thailand + accompany Hayley Lander’s yoga-classes with my music, play music for a cacao ceremony, lead a sound healing class etc.

I only have 1 day left on this journey before I will return to germany but my path is now very clear. I will continue to be a voice for mother earth - whatever it takes.

If you resonate with this post - please check out our new website and possibly donate to the cause so we can continue to do this work. you can also send us your feedback and become a contributor.

If you have a business, possess a lot of money or know somebody who does - please help us connect - we are in this together and we need financial support to do this.

We are taking action and are still a small movement where the money flows directly into taking action. This is 100% real.

if you have something to say regarding the work and feel like the world needs to hear it- please reach out to us - we would love to interview you for the world to be inspired.

A lot of the content I have been collecting interviewing some amazing people is still on my harddrive and will be uploaded when I find the time.

This is my message to you.

Sending every person who reads this a big hug. I can assure you: I love you from the bottom of my heart.

One Love , One Life, One Planet, yours MoJoh

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