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This website is currently under construction! is a NEWSFEED for positive news only.
                    It will be back online soon with new content and a brandnew design.
WakeTheFuckUp - PODCAST (weekly)
WakeTheFuckUp - BLOG (Writers from all over the world)
WakeTheFuckUp - VIDEOS (Enlightening content)
WakeTheFuckUp - ARTICLES
WakeTheFuckUp - EVENTS  (Clean-Ups, Shows, Workshops, Retreats)                
WakeTheFuckUp - MUSIC & ARTS (with Artists from all over the world)
WakeTheFuckUp - STORE (Sustainable products only!)
To make this happen we need your help and this is how you can contribute:
If you wanna be a contributor and be a part of your team: 
We need writers, editors, entrepeneurs, business-people, artists,
teachers, designers, salesmen & women, storytellers & lovers of all kind! 
To do this right we need financial support: 
                           So far this whole campaign has been self-funded  we are reaching our limitations.
                           That being said, we will continue to spread that light no matter what,
                           but if you feel like you wanna help us out financially and make
                           it a little bit easier for us to do our work, it would mean the world to us!
                           Your money will be used in order to:
                                      1.Turn this website into a proper independet newsfeed/magazine 
                        2.Pay for SEO for it to be easily found on google and draw traffic. 
                        3.Cover travel-expenses for our artists to perform at festivals 
                        4.Cover expenses for our school visits where we interact with the kids.
                        5.Cover Video & Music-Production expenses.
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